Line item Lead times

As an account manager using JT1,
I want to be able to set the Job list in a line item to a between 0 and 5 days lead time
So that when the customer opens the quote in VT3, the Ready By is calculated based on the time they open the quote plus the lead time in the job list using Miros implementation.

I have Kludged this idea and tested it

I have set up 6 Acme Favorite Q codes each with a different Lead time as set in their job list

81272-01 One Day
81272-02 Two days
81272-03 Three days
81272-04 Four Days
81272-05 Five Days
81272-06 Zero days

If I create a new quote and add from reference using the Q codes above, I can create quotes which have a Ready by equal to the day the quote is opened in VT3 + the above lead times.
(NB: the ready by is not set in JT, but Miro must calculate it from the pricing table and use it for calculating the freight)

This works because these acme favorites have the corresponding Lead times populated in the pricing table in Kentico so Miro’s code calculates the Ready by

As a kludge, if selecting the leadtime in the Job list would link the line item to the above Qcodes then we can test

Currently adding to cart by K value break at shipping because the ready by is not calculated.
If setting the job list would link the job to the Qcodes above then The Place order links for Claude Neon would work.

I am going to experiment with the response returning readyby = Now + Max quote Job List Lead time