SBD.General Ledger Part 6 UWP

I was inspired by Manual Grunder’s blog to try UWP

Interestingly I was able to skip the shared project.

I created a store upload package and tried to test it on my pc.

Clicking the Install button I got

Either a new certificate must be installed for this app package or you need a new app package with trusted certificates. Your system administrator or the app developer can help. A certificate chain was processed but terminated in a root certificate that isn’t trusted (0x800B0109)

I managed to work around this by carefully following the instructions here

It took me a few tries to follow the instructions correctly. I had to install as Local user and install in Trusted People ( Not Trusted Root Certificate as I had read elsewhere)

Then I got the following error

Cannot compile the generated code. Please inspect the generated code via this exception’s SourceCode property. The following errors occurred:
(0, 0): Error generating Win32 resource: Access is denied.
(0, 0): Unable to delete temporary file ‘c:\Program Files\WindowsApps\jobtalk.sbdgeneralledger_1.0.19.0_x64__8kpaqbvntb9aj\SBD.GL.Win\CSC39E77FCBC8E34DAB8764697CCDC79C77.TMP’ used for default Win32 resource – The system cannot find the file specified.

Manuel Grundner warns about this.

I need to change the code so it does not write to files or folders in the app package.

We need to change the paths where XAF put’s the user generated stuff.

Pasting from the blog post

For the reference I added

Add all the precompiled assemblies as link into the Win10 project (Add existing item) and make sure you use the Release build