About the Blog category

A place for working out loud and recording things that may be useful for developers.

Some posts are tagged working-out-loud

My reasons for working-out-loud

  1. It makes me feel like I am in a dialog whilst working, so I am less likely to post annoying questions on Stack Overflow or Dev Express Support before I have really worked through them.

  2. It shows that some programmers run up a lot of blind alleys in their work. For me, programming is an ongoing process of splashing about, learning to swim.

  3. Inspiration from some of Helen Blunden of ActivateLearn 's work.

Sometimes I will go back and tidy up a post to remove some of the more annoying dead ends. They can still be found via the history. When I have done that I will change the tag to Worked-out-loud

Sometimes I will leave a blind alley in , so that it shows up in a web search. In this case, if the post has been marked worked-out-loud, the blind alley will have a side bar icon.