Adding a custom domain name to an Azure app service where the DNS is not Azure

I will try to summarize the support article here


1 Azure app service
1 Domain name with a non Azure DNS provider

Step 1) Take note of the Azure Url. ( App services-> selected app ->Overview->URL ( in the top right)

Step 2) Take note of the App Service IP Address. (App services->selected app->Custom domains-> I P Address)

Step 3)
Add the following records in the DNS
Add a CName record for www with alias (i.e from step1)
add an A record with the IP address ( from step 2 )
add a TXT record with alias (from step1 again)

Step 4)
App Services -> Selected app service-> Custom domains-> Add hostname
enter ( or what ever it is)
click Validate
click Add Host Name ( if the validation is successful)

Step 5)
Repeat step 4 for ( not the real name)

Troubleshooting? Use with trace