How to host a static web site in an Azure blob using an HTTP redirect

One of the most popular requests for Azure storage is to host a web site in a blob, and they do say that they will get around to it this year.

In the meantime they explain you you can get your domain name hooked up to a blob storage end point

but let’s face it who wants to tell their users to type in a file name after the domain name in their url?


  1. Create a storage account with a container (named docs for exampe) with access policy Blob

  2. Create a CName record for a subdomain


  1. Upload your files to the container

  2. Create an Http redirect record to the file at the subdomain ( remember to use the container name)

  3. Tell Azure to use the subdomain

  4. Celebrate ( if all went well )

If all did not go well try checking whether the dns records are resolving using with Trace