How to write a good work request ticket

It is worthy of everyone’s time for a work request to be written down clearly.
Here are some tips, please feel welcome to contribute more.

Record the work request in the agreed ticketing system for the project.

For bug fixes
State that this is a bug
Include the exact error message.
Include steps to reproduce. It is OK to use a breadcrumb approach as a short hand for the steps.
i.e Step1->Step2->Step3

For feature requests
State that this is a feature request
Include a user story in the format

  • As a (optional)
  • When
  • I want to
  • So I can

General tips
Include screen dumps where possible. A picture is worth a thousand words.

Use your “Ubiquitous Language” i.e a glossary of words used in your business

Read through the ticket before submitting to check it makes sense.

If you are in a hurry and will need more time to write up a good ticket then make a note of this in the ticket and assign it to yourself.