Steps to follow before reporting a bug in DevExpress API

I have been given the following advice and plan to try and follow it.

If you think you encountered a bug in DevExpress API, consider the following validation steps:

  1. Please study the DevExpress online documentation, support center, GitHub examples, demos and source code within the installation and validate that your own usage is correct. Examples: or winforms-dashboard-custom-items-extension/HeatmapItemExtensionModule.cs at 58aa55e8109f69974e1cc4cc71688c5e343a3b6e · DevExpress-Examples/winforms-dashboard-custom-items-extension · GitHub
  2. If your DevExpress API usage is according to best practices, create a small debuggable sample with just a few test classes to replicate your scenario (remove all unnecessary code from your sample). For more information, see A request for simple example programs | How to create a Minimal, Complete, and Verifiable example?
    | How to Report Bugs Effectively?. Check if the “bug” is still reproducible with this stripped down sample. If so, debug your and DevExpress code further and collect complete diagnostic information with full error messages, callstacks, screenshots of user steps, etc. For more information, see Collect and Analyze the Diagnostic Information | Debug DevExpress .NET Source Code with PDB Files.
  3. If the “bug” is still there after your debugging insights, submit a ticket to DevExpress and include all the actionable diagnostic information from the previous steps.
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